Climate Change

climate change

It is good to begin by asking the basic question:

Why Sustainable?
The main reason is Climate Change. It has now been scientifically proven by many reports and the United Nations has accepted that the impact of Human activity on the planet is far beyond the natural capacity of the planet to evolve.

Sustainability. The most revolutionary word of this century is here to stay.
Sustainability is an approach.
Sustainability is a way of life.
Sustainability is the germination of the new thought.
Sustainability is the way forward. Sustainability is a beginning.
Sustainability is the means to a journey.
Sustainability is forever.

United Nations defines Sustainability as:

“The concept of meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs”.

It has been accepted that the accelerated change in the climate of the planet is due to excessive amount of Carbon emissions in the atmosphere which cause a Greenhouse effect. The biggest contributor to the carbon emissions are buildings which is approximately 50% of the total carbon emissions. It is therefore paramount that all future development including buildings should be designed to have a positive environmental impact.

India’s oil reserves shall last for 20 years
Gas reserves for 36 years
Coal for over 100 years…

India’s imports of energy – coal, oil and gas show an increasing trend and Energy Security of the Country is an urgent issue to be answered.
Ocean’s and Forests act as carbon sinks, that we under constant threat in our developing country.

Indian development must use the dying traditional wisdom as well as the day’s cutting edge technologies to minimize the negative impacts on the environment so closely linked with our lives !!!