A Raymond Fasteners India Pvt. Ltd. Corporate Office & Factory Building

Key Features:
– Factory shed installed with Polyurethane insulation panels with turbo ventilators to reduce effective heat gain by the building.
. Low VOC content sealants, adhesives, flooring systems applied to enhance indoor air quality.
. Energy efficient evaporation cooling systems and Variable Refrigerant Volume system for administration and factory shed building ensuring energy savings.
. Office workstations designed to improve daylight levels and maximized views to outdoors
. Wind channelization achieved through provision of larger openings at appropriate orientations and louvers designed to facilitate hot air exhaustion from all spaces.
. Heat gain through envelope mitigated by designing utility spaces towards West acting as buffer for the production area.
. Thermal comfort temperature range achieved in all occupied zones throughout the day.
. Pre-cast construction mitigating site disturbances and allowing efficient erection activity for structural components.
. Adequate weather shades for fenestration also ensuring required shading for glazed facades.
. VK:e has also generated a thermal comfort analysis report to drive decision making for roof insulation alternatives in coordination with the glazing percentage in the factory shed to extract the design that gives maximum no. of occupied hours in comfort range.
. Cross-verification is also significant to maintain accuracy in simulation data. To achieve this, VK:e has taken efforts to compare the real time and virtual spot level values achieved for daylight to feed into the quality of dynamic simulation platform.

PROJECT NAME: A Raymond Fasteners India Pvt. Ltd CLIENT:

A Raymond Fasteners India Pvt. Ltd.




7,571 sq. m.


Opting for Gold Rating


Chakan, Pune

 Rendered views – Courtesy  A Raymond Fasteners India Pvt. Ltd.