Acres School

Key Features:
. Multiple simulation studies have been undertaken to design the envelope and building massing to achieve minimum heat gain.
. Solar isolation is mapped on the building facades to define strategies for heat gain mitigation for critical orientations.
. Due to higher solar isolation received on East & West, glazing percentage reduced on these orientations while vertical fins & light shelf added to the fenestration to achieve shading.
. Being a school project, daylight access is gained from North due to glare-free light availability.
. Daylight simulation conducted to achieve optimum window to wall ratio that allows required lux levels while minimizing heat gain.
. Further, light shelf tested to for obtaining uniform light distribution on the floor plate.
. Solar shading analysis conducted to define the depth of horizontal shading devices for South oriented windows.
. Location of windows derived to achieve minimum glare in the classrooms.

PROJECT NAME:  Acres School CLIENT:  Apurva Natvar Parikh Group CATEGORY:  Environmental Design Inputs
LOCATION: Chembur, Mumbai