Kumar Cerebrum SEZ

Key Features:
. Eco friendly building materials
. Appropriate orientation of building to reduce solar heat gain
. Fenestration design to curtail solar rays to reduce energy consumption – simulations for solar shading analysis have been undertaken by VK:e
. day lighting simulation have been undertaken to know appropriate aperture design and selection of glass.
. Energy efficient lighting fixtures and equipments
. Integration of renewable energy,
. Energy efficiency in HVAC,
. At least 17% of reduction in annual energy consumption than the base case as per IGBC and LEED
. Site planning and landscape design to reduce heat island effect
. Landscape design to encourage local flora and fauna
. Water efficiency through treatment of waste water and its reuse
. Rain water harvesting
. Segregation of Solid waste
. Onsite organic waste management system
. Solar water heating system


Kumar Cerebrum SEZ


Kruti Lalitkumar Jain, Kumar Builders Township Ventures Pvt Ltd


LEED India Core and Shell, Envirnmental design for Thermal Comfort


1,11,483 sq. m.


Platinum rated pre certified