Devraai Phase-2

Key Features:

Sustainable Site Planning:

•    51 numbers of native or naturalised species of trees were planted along the periphery of the site to enhance biodiversity.

Water management:

•    34% of building water demand has been reduced against the GRIHA baseline by using measures such as installation of low flow plumbing fixtures.

•    75% of water savings was achieved in landscape water requirement due to installation of drip irrigation system.

Energy Optimization:

•    For achieving visual comfort: » Facades with WWR 14.39% were built with a good visual connection between the occupants and the outside environment.

» More than 85% of the habitable spaces in the building are day lit and meet the daylight factors as prescribed by the National Building Code of India » Light wells were provided to facilitate adequate lighting in long and narrow passages.

•  For achieving thermal comfort:

» Double walls were constructed to reduce U-value and achieve better thermal comfort.

» Recessed windows were provided for good shading of glazed surface.

» The energy efficient measures incorporated in the project helped the project achieve 84.5% reduction in EPI from the GRIHA benchmark EPI.

Renewable energy technologies installed on site:

•    Solar hot water system has been installed to offset 96% of the conventional energy demand for hot water, thus reducing the consumption of energy generated from non-renewable sources.

•    The project has installed 3 kWp capacity of solar PV panels which caters to the common area lighting requirement of the building.

Sustainable building materials:

•    Fly-ash bricks with minimum 70.89% fly-ash content were used for 100% of total volume of bricks.

•    PPC with 30% fly-ash content by weight was used in plaster and masonry mortar of the project.

PROJECT NAME:  Devraai Phase-2 CLIENT:  Sanjeevani Developers CATEGORY: Residential apartments
LOCATION:  Kiwale, Pune AREA: Site Area : 2125 m2

Built up Area : 3103.48 m2

TYPE OF PROJECT: Residential apartments