Enerald Greens

Key Features:
. An expansion project with residential building use.
. Maximized green area to nearly 20% of site area and impervious finish for 100% of impervious non-roof surfaces.
. 100% of roof area to be finished with heat reflective coatings.
. Nearly 52% of rain water run off to be harvested through recharge pits and 100% waste water generated on site to be treated for reuse.
. Timer based controls for common area lighting, and use of efficient building envelope with fly ash blocks, high performance glazing and optimum orientation ensures energy cost savings annually.
. The project achieves 17% energy savings against the baseline as prescribed under IGBC.
. Organic waste convertors and vermi-composting bin to treat on-site generated organic waste.
. Low VOC paints to maintain indoor air quality.
. VK:e is also documenting the Environmental Clearance application for the project.

PROJECT NAME:  Enerald Green CLIENT:  Poonam Aundh Land Developers CATEGORY:  IGBC Pre-certification
SIZE:  22472 sq. m. CERTIFICATE:  Gold Rating-Pre-certfied LOCATION:  Undri, Pune

Rendered views – Courtesy Poonam Aundh Land Developers