Evershine Meadows

Key Features:
It is a proposed high rise residential scheme having Wing A and Wing B with central connecting wing consisting of 1 BHK and 2 BHK.
All the wings are G+2 podium + 16 floors
Sustainable Model measures like 100% waste water treatment system, 100% Rain Water Harvesting Scheme have been integrated.
Landscape design with drought tolerant and native species.
100% Heat Island Mitigation measures on site.
Water Efficient Fixtures, water and energy meter have been adopted to ensure resource consumption.
Use of Eco-friendly Building materials like low VOC paints, materials having recycled content, certified woods.
Post Occupancy Green Homes Guidelines
Environment Friendly Housekeeping as an innovative initiation

PROJECT NAME: Evershine Meadows CLIENT:

 Evershine Premium Buildtech Jpint Venture


 IGBC Green Homes Precertification


6,612 sq. m.




 Mahim, Mumbai


Rendered views – Courtesy  Evershine Premium Buildtech Jpint Venture