Gera Emerald City Park

Key Features –
1] Timer control for common area and external area lighting
2] Landscape design conducive to bio diversity – Urban niches, tree thickets, Tree houses and Birds Baths.
3] Provision of T-5 lights in each room of individual flats.
4] LED & CFL lights for external and common area lighting
5] Provision of Vermicomposting pits for management of wastes.

Gera Emerald City Park is a residential project by Gera developers in Pune. It has received the Provisional Eco Housing Certification of the Pune Municipal Corporation and is currently in the construction phase of documentation. VK:e environmental has conducted simulation on the Building Performance of the architectural design. Throguh the simulation it was observed that the central plaza court planned by the architect will function very well with respect to providing cool outdoors during the evening time. This was possible as the central court was constantly shaded by the surrounding buildings.

The project has utilized all BEE Rated electrical equipment and is committed towards energy conservation.

PROJECT NAME:  Gera, Emerald City South CLIENT:  Mrs. Sunaina Gera, Gera Developers Pvt Ltd CATEGORY:  Eco housing Certification
SIZE:  12793 sq. m. CERTIFICATE:  3 Star rated LOCATION: Kharadi, Pune