Grand Bay

Key Features:
. Residential project is designed with efficient vehicular ways minimizing hard areas and increasing green cover to maximum extent.
. Existing trees are preserved and incorporated in the landscape design.
. Best site management practices have been adopted with well managed construction activity to ensure soil, water and air pollution reduction.
. Impervious footprint has been minimized with increased green cover and consolidated utility and services.
. Glazing area percentage is minimized to only 5% implying huge reduction in heat gain by the building envelope and thus ensuring occupant comfort.
. Energy consumption reduction is achieved by nearly 26.5% against the benchmark EPI as prescribed by GRIHA.
. Use of SIPOREX blocks providing high thermal mass to the walls and delaying heat transfer to indoor spaces.
. Deep terraces and volumetric massing provides mutual shading for the glazing oriented West/East.
. Outdoor lighting fixtures are also proposed to be installed with LEDs to conserve energy.
. 100% Solar Hot Water System
. 25 KW Solar PV system to serve 6% of internal/external lighting energy consumption.
. Landscaping is extensively worked upon with native species and preservation of existing plantation to reduce landscape water demand by minimum 50%.
. Organic waste convertor to treat on-site generated waste.
. 100 % waste water treatment and reuse on site for landscaping and flushing.
. Use of energy efficient equipments such as pumps, motors etc. with 80-85% rated efficiency.
. Low VOC paints for all residential units and reflective finish for building roofs.

PROJECT NAME:  Grand Bay CLIENT:  Mr. Prakash Parakh, Gemini Housing CATEGORY:  GRIHA Pre-certification & Final Certification
SIZE:  36,150 sq. m. CERTIFICATE:  3 Star Rating-Pre-certfied LOCATION:  Pune

Rendered views – Courtesy Mr. Prakash Parakh