Key Features:
Green features of the project includes following measures
– Site planning as per natural topography
– Minimum footprint area
– Soil erosion control through sedimentation basin, contour trenching etc.
-Plantation of native species and less lawn area to reduce water consumption
-Minimum hard areas on ground and heat reflective finish for top roof
-Optimum number of parking for occupants as well as for visitors
– Rain water harvesting system
– Reduction in building water use by 50%
– Use of energy efficient material for building envelope
– Renewable energy system catering to 11% of annual lighting consumption
– Solar water heating system catering to 100% hot water demand
– Provision of basic facilities for construction workers
– Solid waste management- Post Occupancy
– Sewage treatment system treating 100% of waste water
– Treated water reuse for flushing and irrigation
– Installation of water and energy meters for monitoring
– Design measures for differently able people
– 43% reduction than benchmark EPI outlined by GRIHA
– Minimum Window to wall ratio to control heat ingress
– Selection of specific glazing for optimum daylight and minimum solar heat
– Design of dwelling units which has optimum daylight and ventilation
– Waste management during construction
– Use of low embodied energy material for at least 10%

PROJECT NAME: Indradhanu CLIENT: Ganesh Ramchandra Apte CATEGORY: GRIHA Pre-Certification
SIZE: 72,526 sq. m. CERTIFICATE: Opting for 4 star rating LOCATION: Vishnu mill, Solapur