Kool Homes, ARENA

Key Features –
. Landscape design conducive to Bio diversity
. Motion sensors and timer based control.
. Provision of garbage chutes for efficient management of wastes.
. ECBC compliant electrical systems.
.Efficient water fixtures
. Efficient waste management system – OWC mechanical compostor
. Site planing to reduce heat island effect by providing shade
. Fenestration design such that it offers balance between solar shade and daylight availability

This is an Eco Housing Project at Bavdhan. VK:e environmental is providing services for the facilitation and simulation for Eco Housing Certification, under Pune Municipal Corporation. The main aspect of this project is that the entire common lighting and amenities use a Building Automation System which ensures fully automatic and efficient energy consumption. Kool Homes is a Developer company that is committed to generate “Green” Projects across Pune.

PROJECT NAME: Kool Homes CLIENT: Mr. Dharmesh Gathani and   Mrs. Kavita Gathani-Pathak, Kool Homes Group CATEGORY: Eco housing Certification
SIZE: 9,174 sq. m. CERTIFICATE:  4 Star rated LOCATION: GREEN VALLEY, Bavdhan