Lodha Palava Township -Zone04

Key Features:
.  The project is a large scale mixed use township development proposed in Panvel, Mumbai., wherein VK:e focuses on Zone 04 which accommodates  affordable housing with community center, school, retail and 2 MLCP units.
. Optimum orientation is achieved with larger exposure towards North & South.
. Project is analyzed for wind flow pattern across the master plan with measured velocity at different building height.
. Fenestration design with wing walls, vertical & horizontal fins are governed by the orientation, wind pattern, solar shading and daylight access.
. Due to high humidity, natural ventilation is facilitated in all indoor spaces and cross-ventilation in areas where possible.
. Internal driveways running along E-W & N-S are designed with landscaping for heat island mitigation while overall block placement ensures mutual shading.
. Internal courtyards for all building typologies achieve at-least 75% shading throughout the day.
. MLCPs are visualized as net zero building components and source of renewable energy generation providing large roof area to install nearly 900KW capacity system to support energy demand for MLCP and community center.
. Solar hot water system for 100% residential demand
. Landscaping for internal courtyards to achieve 100% shading annually.
. Efficient building materials to reduce heat gain through exposed surface areas.

PROJECT NAME:  Lodha Palava_Zone04 CLIENT:  Kapadia Associates Pvt. Ltd. CATEGORY:  Environmental Design Inputs
SIZE:  30,000 sq. m. LOCATION:  Mumbai