Maitrya Greens

Key Features:
. 100% solar heating hot water system
.100% waste water treatment system
.Rain Water Harvesting Scheme to harvest 50% run off
.Landscape design with drought tolerant and native species with reduced lawn area
.100% Heat Island Mitigation measures on site
.Installation of water and energy meter to account the consumption
.Use of Eco-friendly Building materials like low VOC paints, materials having recycled content, certified woods
.Use of hybrid DG sets with the capacity measuring 18% of the total connected load
.Use of local materials upto 60% of total cost
.Daylight and ventilation provision for more than 75% of the habitable area
.Energy cost savings by 22% against the baseline consumption cost by use of high thermal mass walling material such as AAC blocks in collaboration  with well-oriented design.

PROJECT NAME:  Maitrya Greens CLIENT:  Maitreya Realtors CATEGORY:  IGBC Green Homes Precertification
SIZE:  44547 sq. m. CERTIFICATE:  Gold Rating -Precertified LOCATION:  Pathardi, Nashik