Gabriel India Ltd. – proposed Extension to Existing Plant

Key Features:
. Simulation studies were performed to analyze the current illumination levels in the existing structure and the impact of extension block on the same thereof.
. To achieve the lux levels as per NBC standards for industrial zone, the connecting shared space between the new and existing block is provided with light pipes to allow daylight ingress.
. Reflective white coating considered for the exposed wall to reflect the incident rays into the indoors through the roof glazing in the form of light pipe.
. Introduction of light shelves to improve distribution of daylight and act
as a weather shade.
. Conscious selection of glazing type for both existing and proposed
structures considering u value, solar heat gain co-efficient and visual light
transmission factor.
. Additional daylight apertures in the existing structure to improve illumination.


Proposed Extension to Existing Plant


Gabriel India Limited


Environmental Design Inputs