Proposed Residential development

Key Features:
The proposed project is a residential development.
. Grassland characterized by undulating terrain, ravines and water bodies .
. Agriculture, natural stunted vegetation.
. Periphery: Scrub forest, slopes and rocky outcrops.
. Bird activity is more observed in Phase-III and immediate periphery i.e. on hill slopes.
. The undulating terrain provides best habitat for mammals such as Indian fox, chinkara, black naped hare etc.
. Frequent reptial movement was obsreved including garden lizard, fan throated lizard, Bramhini skink etc.
. Considerable diversity of butterflies and amphibians observed on site.
. This area well-known as type locality for many floral and faunal species.
. Presence of number of scheduled, threatened and rare species makes it sensitive
. VK:e has suggested to design architectural plan with ecological aspect and maitain buffer zones for important plant species and keystone species.
. VK:e has also focusing on identify, create and conserve ecological barriers and corridors. Also NO DEVELOPMENT zones has been planned within the site premises.
. VK:e has suggested landscape species conducive to the local biodiversity and will attract the local faunal species.
. VK:e suggests to adopt efficient soil erosion control measures during construction through sedimentation basins, trenches and topsoil conservation.
. Not to harm the local faunal species, VK:e has suggested following few measures:
1. Plantation of species on hedge along PHASE 3 site boundary, repellent to Chinkaras
2. Avoid Barb Wire fencing, in Phase 3 and Phase 4 so that it will not harm the chinkara population.
. Retaining and Enhancing the existing water body.
. Highly biodiverse areas in the site shall be developed as conservation park/ camping sites/ theme park. These areas shall retain and develop Butterfly
attracting clumps, and will attract chinkaras too. Also motorized vehicular movements shall be strictly prohibited in these areas.
. the project is applicable for Environmental Clearance and will require NOC from Forest Dept, Irrigation Dept and permission from WPA.
. No compromise on seeking all applicable Environmental and Legal permissions
. Advance planning and consideration of time lines required for seeking all permissions.
. Construction Management Team- ISO 14001 certified.


Proposed Residential development


Kohinoor Group, Pune


IGBC Green Homes


2,64,888 sq. m.


Opting for Silver Rating


Zendewadi, Pune