Corporate Office

Key Features:
. Optimum orientation and appropriate fenestration design to reduce solar heat gain
.  Energy efficient building envelope such as cavity walls of AAC blocks, insulation for roof top etc
.  Selection of appropriate glass
.  100% waste water treatment system
.  50% Rain Water Harvesting Scheme
.  Landscape design with drought tolerant and native species
.  Installation of water and energy meter to account the consumption
.  Use of Ecofriendly Building materials like low VOC paints, materials having recycled content, certified woods
.  Post Occupancy Green Homes Guidelines
.  Environment Friendly Housekeeping as an innovative initiation
.  Energy efficient building to reduce heat gain
.  Use of Renewable Energy system to cater to min 5% of annual energy demand
.  Use of energy efficient HVAC system with water cooled chillers
.  Onsite waste water treatment plant
.  Reuse of treated water for flushing and irrigation
.  Estimated energy savings by the proposed building are more than 30% as compared to the ASHRAE Base case

PROJECT NAME:  Corporate Office CLIENT:  SKF India Pvt Ltd CATEGORY:  LEED NC India 2011
SIZE:  3,500
sq. m.
CERTIFICATE:  Applied for Gold LOCATION:  Chowisawadi, Pune