Tirumala Suites

Key Features:
. Energy efficient building envelope
. Energy efficient lighting fixtures and equipments
. Proposed Renewable energy system to cater to min 5% of annual energy consumption
. Use of heat pumps for water heating
. Estimated savings in annual energy consumption is min 15% as compared to IGBC Green Home’s base case
. Site planning and landscape design to reduce heat island effect
. Landscape design to encourage local flora and fauna
. Water efficiency through treatment of waste water and its reuse
. Rain water harvesting
. Use of eco friendly building material
. Segregation of Solid waste
. Onsite organic waste management system
. Visitors parking to reduce traffic congestion
. Fenestration design providing optimum daylight and natural ventilation for all habitable spaces
. Provision of minimum required facilities for labors such as water supply, sanitation, lighting, safety equipments etc.

PROJECT NAME:  Tirumala Suites CLIENT:  Mr. Kirti Kedia, Transcon Group CATEGORY:  IGBC Green Homes
SIZE:  18,580 sq. m. CERTIFICATE:  Pre certified at Platinum rating LOCATION:  Bandra, Mumbai

Rendered views – Courtesy Mr. Mr. Kirti Kedia