With growing demands of rising population, Pune city is urbanising at a rapid pace. Managing this expansion has become a challenge and we need to explore ways to tackle this issue in the most sustainable way possible. The green spaces in the city are shrinking with growing concretisation. One way to over come this is by developing Green Roofs.

 We at VK:e environmental have thus taken up a research project to study and prepare a policy paper to promote Green Roofs in Pune city. The motivation behind undertaking this research project is to utilize the untapped roof spaces for its environmental and recreational benefits contributing towards sustainable urban growth. Through a demonstrative project we would like to raise awareness and evaluate the benefits for Pune city.

 The paper shall cover the analysis, benefits and way to implement the Green Roofs technology. The benefits and implementation aspects shall be analyzed by VK:e using various building simulation software’s. The paper will also take into account various case studies of similar projects and take guidance from structural designers and horticulturists for designing new / retrofitting in existing buildings. It will elaborate on ways to successfully implement the proposal .

 As a pilot case we wish to make the roof of Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) Head Quarters or any recommended PMC building green.

 A brief on Green Roofs and the research is available in the attached pamphlet.

Click to download Green roof policy pamphlet