Green Co Rating

GreenCo – Green Company Rating System

GreenCo is the Green Company Rating System. It was launched by CII – Godrej Green Business Center with aims to access the green measures pursued by a company and to evaluate the environmental performance of the company where there they stand and help in defining the path forward. The rating system provides a holistic approach to define the environmental impacts of company’s actions and make correction if required. The rating system will be an excellent guide for any company who are willing to adopt environmentally healthy practices.

It will help to improve a company’s positive environment measures from the bottom line.

It will acknowledge where a company stands from sustainable views.

It will help companies to comply with governments strict environmental compliance guidelines.

It will enhance corporate images of a company through resource conservation and improved efficiency.

It will help companies to get good support from costumers.

To bring the corporate world towards improving environment friendly services, VK:e has incorporated Green Company Rating System “GreenCo” in its sustainable initiatives and guide companies for persuing ecologically sustainable business.