Sustainability Reporting with GRI Framework

What is Sustainability Reporting?

Today an increasing number of organizations want to make their operations sustainable. Sustainability reporting becomes a medium for publicly disclosing an organization’s economic, environmental, and social performance.
It is a process through which the organizations start to measure, report and improve on the way they make decisions and take actions.
It is a non financial reporting system, voluntary in nature and both large and small size organizations can initiate it.

Why make Sustainability Reports?

Financial reporting alone no longer satisfies the needs of shareholders, customers, communities, and other stakeholders for information about overall organizational performance.
Sustainability Reporting provides information about the challenges and achievements to shareholders, employees, the public and other stakeholders.
It allows organizations to measure, track, and improve their performance on specific issues.
It can ignite commitment towards environmental and social responsibility within the organisation.
It can be leveraged as a marketing tool.

What can Vke Provide?

Sustainability Sensitization: Conduct i. Awareness programme for employees on sustainability initiatives and ii. Sustainability strategy workshops for senior leadership.

Sustainability Governance Framework: Develop a framework for integrating sustainability in core business practices. Engage with the top management to set up sustainability policy and commitments. Set up principles, processes and procedures with institutional arrangements to manage sustainability issues.

Performance Measurement and Monitoring: Measure environmental, social and economic performance indicators based on the selected reporting guidelines.

Analysis and Innovation: Undertake assessment of performance and lay innovative strategies for continuous improvement.

Reporting: Collaborative drafting, designing and promotion of the report.