Sustainability makes business sense!


Climate changes has compelled us to rethink our models of growth and progress. We have come to realize that in our quest for development, we are slowly but surely eroding the very basis of our existence-our natural resources. With India’s 1.2 billion poised for economic development, we need to Rethink! Can we as business leaders, take the first step towards sustainability such that India moves into a world that is evvironmentally, socially and economically efficient? The answer to the question “where does sustainability begin? is often found in a simple change the mindset. REthink, REinvent and REform!


Green Building Certifications.
Environmental Clearances for Construction Projects.
Environmental Design for Thermal Comfort.
Land Suitability & Ecological Assessment.
Building Material & Technology Selection Analysis.
Net Zero & Low Carbon Development.







Energy Auditing.
Feasibility Studies for Renewable Energy Integration.
Water Auditing
Indoor Environmental Quality Auditing.






Sustainability Reporting with GRI Framework.
Green Co Rating.
Green Supply Chain & Waste Minimization Strategies.