Sustainable Development ensures a perfect balance of the three most essential aspects of human life namely, Social, Economic and Ecological.

It has been proven that Sustainable development makes business sense! Every project, irrespective of its scale can take up environmental measures without affecting the cumulative profits of the project.


There are several benefits of sustainable development.

At the ‘end user’ level, sustainable development offers:
a. lower running and maintenance costs – as energy prices show an increasing trend and water is getting scarce day by day
b. environmental credentials for a positive image
c. a healthy living/working environment
d. energy and water security

For the ‘extended local community’, sustainable development offers:
a. Increased local employment through the use of local materials and labour
b. Increased sense of community through use of public spaces and amenities, particularly if an architectural feature is made of a innovative technology.
c. Assistance towards reaching local, regional and national carbon saving, air quality and renewable energy targets.
d. Better control on Micro-climate
e. Reducing the burden on local infrastructure

For the ‘Environment’, sustainable development offers:

a. Retaining and enhancing the local bio-diversity.
b. conservation of natural resources such as soil, fuels, water, materials
c. Reduction in carbon emissions
d. Reduction in environmental pollution

Every little environmental measure or initiative benefits the end user, community and the environment either directly or indirectly. Tangible measures, which can be easily presented in form of a techno-economic feasibility is instrumental in motivating the pro-environment development

For instance,
Integration of technologies such as renewable energy  with minimum batteries into a project could provide benefits such as:
a. Cost Savings – Free Fuel
b. Health benefits – Clean energy
c. Environmental credentials – Pride in using Green energy

The benefits of renewable energy systems are considerable for the building occupiers and the local community as well as for the environment, particularly when coupled with energy efficient building design.